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About Us

Hello and thanks for checking us out! We are glad to have you here! Let's put first things first!

Who we are?

Mia and Leyla! We are two enthusiastic sisters, Mia 30, Leyla 34. We were born in the US. At the age of 10, we moved to other countries as our daddy had to travel for work. Since we never really had a fixed place to stay, we can't say we are from Europe either! What we actually do..we do travel for work, too! In a different field than our dad, but we love what we do. We kept on traveling since then! We have always been together, most of our experiences couldn't have been so enjoyable and pleasant if we were apart. Throughout the years, we discovered we obviously have a lot in common otherwise we would not have done so much 2gether! One thing we discovered a few years back, is that we both have a passion for fashion, trends that are going viral worldwide and useful stuff that we like to search by ourselves nowadays and share it with the world. We are constantly looking for new items, fancy stuff that come up on the internet! 

What do we do? 

As soon as we notice or spot anything that is fancy and trendy, or hear that many people are talking about a certain type of product, we search for the best quality of that item, at the best price, for us to get as many as we can to stock our warehouses, in order for our now solid team, to be able to satisfy demand not only for our VIP & loyal customers, but also for new customers as YOU probably may be.

We literally have been hit with demand lately. It has increased drastically in the past few months! Certainly word of mouth and the fact that we get cool items at convenient prices and we come up with great offers quite often!

That is why we are being able to launch our products at unbeatable prices and are indeed competitive within the market. It did happen that we had to stop one of our offers due to huge demand until we fully re-stocked our warehouse and re-launched a new one. It was our first time, back in 2016, that we had to deal with a really HIGH level of orders. Back then, we were pretty new at it, we ensured everything ran smoothly and everyone was satisfied with their purchases but we must admit that we had a tough time. This is to say that when we have an item on offer and you like it, do not wait, go for it... 'cause at times we really run out of stock! We did learn from that past experience, we make sure our stock level is full enough prior to launch crazy offers!

At "The General Hunter" we surely HUNT, find and provide our loyal customers with the products that everyone’s talking about. If it’s going viral on social media – if you happen to see tags with a “we need it”, "I love it" – this is where you’ll find it at competitive prices. Our mission is to bring you the trending products that everyone’s after!

If you have any questions or issues you can contact us and shoot us an email at:

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Mia & Leyla @ "The General Hunter"